VMware presents its product strategy in the age of multicloud


VMware CEO says, “This is no longer a ‘cloud-first’ approach; it’s about being ‘cloud smart’. “

VMWARE VMWORLD – “Multicloud is the digital business model for the next 20 years”, according to VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram.

With VMware VMworld 2021 starting Tuesday, he said: “It’s not about a ‘cloud first’ approach anymore – it’s about being ‘smart cloud’.

VMware Raghu Raghuram

He noted that organizations should have the freedom to choose the “right” cloud, based on their strategic business goals.

As such, VMware unveiled VMware Cross-Cloud Services to help customers navigate the era of multicloud. The integrated services group has pledged to help deliver “a faster, smarter path to the cloud.”

VMware says that today, an average business runs 500 applications to drive its business. and these applications are distributed over the clouds. Three in four (75%) VMware customers rely on two or more public clouds, and two in five (40%) use three or more. This multicloud approach allows organizations to be much more agile and resilient.

However, a multicloud environment is more diverse, complex, and distributed than anything organizations have managed in the past. This complexity often requires trade-offs between speed of execution and risk management, resulting in slower execution while increasing costs.

Click on the slideshow above to learn more about VMware Cross-Cloud and the features that cover the services.


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