Tesla’s Product Design Director Hints Lightly on Tesla-branded Game Controller


Tesla’s Product Design Director Javier Verdura has lightly suggested that the electric carmaker create its own branded game controller that could be used with the Arcade in its vehicles.

Verdura has a long list of designs during his ten years at Tesla, which include things like the Supercharger and the company’s unique product packaging. More recently, Verdura said Tesla is working on a Cybertruck diecast model, which is the only vehicle in the Tesla lineup that does not have a purchasable toy version.

However, that might not be the only thing Tesla is going to tell Verdura about in the coming months. Tesla’s product design director subtly hinted that the company may even design its own game controller in the near future in a conversation on Twitter.

There’s not a whole lot of substance in the Tweet, and that’s, of course, just speculation at this point. However, Tesla has many advantages in developing its own controller for its cars and the like, especially since the company has never officially authorized or recommended a specific game controller to its owners. The Tesla Arcade contains several games that require a game controller, but the automaker has left owners to fend for themselves in cases where one is needed.

In July, during Tesla’s Plaid Delivery Event, Tesla had a Tesla-branded controller for video game demos. It was never officially announced by the automaker, but we do know that the company has at least given thought to the possibility of having its own controller.

Tesla hasn’t necessarily made it difficult for owners to find controllers that are compatible with its vehicles. Almost all game controllers with a USB port are compatible, and several USB dongles available on the market have worked with Tesla vehicles in the past for wireless options. However, there are still gaps in terms of Tesla’s gaming accessories, especially as the company has moved to USB-C ports in the Model 3 and Y, forcing owners to choose another conversion accessory. if they have a controller with a standard USB port. connector 3.0. Additionally, some owners have said that the wireless controllers will only work in the Model S and Model X, but others have reported that a wireless dongle has worked for them.

Nonetheless, Tesla could make it easier for owners if they came out with their own controller. Arcade is certainly a luxury, but it’s also a way to pass the time during the Supercharge and keep the kids busy on a long drive. Additionally, with a rear display with gaming capabilities placed at the rear of the car on the updated S and X models, the gaming controller could be used for rear occupants while the car is in motion.

Companies that have game controllers are required to file them with the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. Tesla has yet to file anything with the FCC regarding a gaming controller, so there is no indication that the automaker is considering releasing a product anytime soon.

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Tesla’s Product Design Director Hints Lightly on Tesla-branded Game Controller


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