Student work in product design: SNAIL Packaging by Anna Lena Idel and Thomas Kucyk


If you buy a small amount of nails from a hardware store in the United States, they come in cardboard boxes; in Europe they are apparently sold in plastic packaging. Thus Anna Lena Idel and Thomas Kucyk, both product design students at Münster School of Design, created this for their packaging design class:

“SNAIL is a plastic-free alternative to conventional nail packaging. In search of a more manageable nail wrap, SNAIL was developed for smaller projects, especially for DIY enthusiasts.

The separate nail alignment allows individual nails to be removed with just one hand. The integrated belt hanger also ensures that your hands are free. In addition, SNAIL nails can be dosed quickly with a simple punch and SNAIL provides always an overview of the number of nails remaining.If SNAIL is not used, it can be closed.

“SNAIL is a mono-material packaging. The increased weight of the cardboard of 300 g / m² ensures the stability of the packaging. Its natural brown color and the leathery surface structure complete the enriching DIY experience that SNAIL represents.”

I think that makes perfect sense for the handyman, who maybe climbs a ladder to hang up some pictures. Nice work Idel and Kucyk!


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