Russound Appoints Paul Wojciechowski as Director of Product Development


Wojciechowski will lead an aggressive period of product design and manufacturing at Russound

Paul Wojciechowski

Home audio developer and manufacturer Russound announced that Paul Wojciechowski has been named Director of Product Development.

Mr. Wojciechowski has extensive experience in consumer and custom electronics, including leadership roles at ELAC Audio and SonavoxMerry Electronics. Mr. Wojciechowski, who reports to CEO Charlie Porritt, will drive an aggressive period of product design and manufacturing at Russound.

“Paul Wojciechowski takes multitasking to a whole new level,” says Porritt. “Not only is he one of the most accomplished design and management professionals in the business, but he is capable of executing a number of critical projects at any given time. We are lucky to have him on board. »

As Head of Product Development, Mr. Wojciechowski specializes in creating award-winning products and managing large performing teams, both onshore and offshore, for the professional audio, lighting industry, alternative energy, consumer electronics, HVAC and other growing markets.

Prior to joining Russound, Mr. Wojciechowski contributed to 4DPD as a consultant/designer for the company, which specializes in delivering product concepts. Additionally, he held the position of Director of Product Development at ELAC Audio and Sonavox Merry Electronic Solutions from 2015 to this year, managing specific projects including goals, performance, cost, quality control , budget and delivery targets.

Previously, he held the positions of Director of Engineering and Manufacturing, RAB Design Lighting; Director of Engineering, Paradigm Electronics; and product/product development engineer at Selkirk Canadian Operations, where he focused his talents on the development of HVAC-related appliances.

“Throughout my professional life, the thrill for me is the product development process,” Wojciechowski said. “From the initial concept to the day it ships, I’m excited to be able to drive the creation of products that have a demonstrable effect in a given market.

“That’s what first attracted me to Russound. I look forward to contributing to one of the most respected and innovative companies in the field of custom installation. There’s a reason Russound is still going strong after 55 years, and I look forward to being part of the next chapter of the company’s success.

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