RIT Installs Xerox ElemX Metal 3D Printer for Product Research and Development


Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) bought a Photocopy ElemX 3D printing system for product research and development with their manufacturing partners.

The machine was installed at RIT’s AMPrint center in Henrietta, NY, where the teaching staff has years of experience in metal 3D printing and focuses on aerospace. It follows installation of the ElemX system by Oak Ridge National Labs in March and installation by the Naval Postgraduate School in February 2021.

ElemX is powered by a Liquid Metal printing process, integrated into Xerox 3D printing operations through the acquisition of Vader Systems in 2019. It uses unspecialized metal wire and a magnetic field to build parts layer by layer, Xerox suggesting the process is ideal for spares, repairs and low-volume production parts.

Once the installation at RIT is complete, Xerox will continue to work closely with the organization to “evolve the ElemX for new commercial and industrial applications.”

“RIT has already been a great partner in helping to advance our liquid metal AM technology and we believe the installation of the ElemX at the AM Print Center will be important to further refine our solution,” commented Tali Rosman, general manager of Elem Additive, Photocopier. “Partnering with advanced research facilities like RIT that collaborate with manufacturers will be key to expanding industry adoption of our technology.”

“Liquid metal additive manufacturing is a technology poised to tackle the on-demand production of aluminum spare parts to minimize inventory costs,” added Denis Cormier, Director of RIT’s AMPrint Center. “Collaborating with industry partners like Elem Additive is an important part of our work here at the AMPrint Center to maximize the capabilities of AM technology. We believe the ElemX has the greatest potential for industrial growth and scalability.

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