Renon, leader in lithium-ion batteries, chooses KloudPLM to power its product development process


Cupertino, California, USA and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:
Indiaone of the leading manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries, has selected KloudPLM to fuel its product development processes and organizational effectiveness. With advanced and robust features such as Project Management, BOM Management, Purchasing Management, and Rich Analytics, KloudPLM plays a pivotal role in helping organizations on their digital transformation journey.

Renon India is an advanced manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries with a production capacity of 250 MW. Inspired by the government’s Make in India initiative, Renon India aims to be one of the leading manufacturers and experts in battery technology across the globe. Renon India is an energy storage design and development company committed to a sustainable future.

As a quality conscious manufacturing company, Renon India designs and develops Li-Ion batteries for mobility, energy storage and stationary applications. Renon understands the value and importance of a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform. However, Renon wanted a secure, easy-to-implement PLM platform that didn’t require a system overhaul. Therefore, when they considered PLM platforms for their product development, they looked for a cloud-based system that was easy to use and, more importantly, provided accurate information to the entire product management team. products.

When researching a product lifecycle management system, Renon had the following goals for product design and development:

  1. To better manage data and processes in a systematic way.
  2. To execute their upcoming strategies for process driven product development.
  3. To include part/BOM (BOM), change management, and project management for seamless operations.

KloudPLM helped Renon India achieve all of its goals.

Renon selected KloudPLM because it provides migration of existing parts data and efficient parts and BOM modules. Renon also wanted a system that would allow them to efficiently track product changes. KloudPLM provides detailed change management with automatic revision generation using multi-level approval and proposed markups and apply markups. KloudPLM also provides dynamic manufacturing improvements using the MBOM (Manufacturing Bill of Materials) module, enabling R&D teams to improve their products.

KloudPLM is excited to help Renon deliver transformative product lifecycle management that makes product design and development more manageable, streamlined, and efficient.

“We are very excited to be working with a leading SAAS product lifecycle management platform, KloudPLM, on our digital transformation journey to serve our customers and achieve product and market leadership,” Ganesh Moorthi, Director of Technology (R&D), Renon India.

With KloudPLM, Renon’s Product and R&D team can get real-time insights and track key project metrics. KloudPLM’s project management roadmap feature provides advanced collaboration capabilities for design, engineering, and manufacturing teams. Dynamic dashboards for reports display detailed analytical data on key project development metrics to provide valuable metrics on overall project development. “We are honored to partner with Renon in their digital transformation strategy and to contribute to their efficiency in innovation, product design and manufacturing through KloudPLM’s advanced collaboration capabilities,” said Pratik Thokle. , marketing manager at KloudPLM.

About KloudPLM

KloudPLM provides a single, secure solution to connect people, systems, and processes to help organizations drive product success. KloudPLM is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

KloudPLM helps organizations achieve speed, security, and flexibility across the value chain through effortless collaboration between engineering, design, quality, sales, and service to drive product success . KloudPLM is the most modern first cloud PLM in the industry and a generation ahead of older legacy PLM solutions. KloudPLM was built on the industry’s #1 cloud platform, Salesforce. Salesforce has been trusted by over 150,000 customers worldwide and provides KloudPLM users with endless flexibility, scalability, reliability and security.

About Renon

Renon India is an advanced lithium-ion battery manufacturer with a superior production capacity of 250 MWh based in Surat, Gujarat.

The company’s values ​​are based on its fundamental principles of offering reliable and safe batteries that deliver exceptional performance at the right price. Renon’s product line covers various applications such as solar home lighting (SHL) systems, water pumps, wheelchairs, vehicles and more. These products are used in sectors such as automotive, defense, solar, telecommunications, health, etc.

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