Recolight Lighting Product Design Awards for a


Awards for Recolight’s Lighting Product Design Workshop for a Circular Economy

The course was designed following feedback from the Recolight circular economy webinar series. We were told that the lighting industry needs to have a good understanding of the circular economy and how products can be designed to incorporate circularity.

That’s exactly what one-day in-person workshops do. They include practical advice on circular design issues, including design for long and extended use, upgradability and repairability, replaceability, material selection, use of recycled raw materials, and design for recovery. . The workshop includes practical case studies of products designed according to circular economy principles.

And here’s what some of the participants in our first class had to say:

“A great informative workshop that demystified much of the industry movement towards a circular economy. The mix of delivered content and open discussion made for a truly productive day. Graeme Stears, CTO, LightGraphix

“With the circular economy being such a fundamental part of our future, it is important that our industry collaborates to make change happen. Thanks to Recolight & F Mark for a valuable workshop, bringing like-minded companies together and helping to navigate on the way forward. Leighton James, Product & Marketing Director, TRILUX Lighting Ltd

“The presentation and associated discussion was engaging, informative and thought-provoking. The workshop provided an excellent overview of the general state of circularity in the lighting industry today, as well as the challenges and possible solutions. for design to improve this situation.” Mustanir Ali, Certification Manager, BSI

“A very instructive and rewarding day! Although the subject is of considerable importance and complexity, it has been presented in a very logical, practical and stimulating way. »

Gary Dettmar, Head of Architecture, TRILUX Lighting SA

The workshop is presented by Simon Fisher, Founder and Director of F Mark, a consultancy specializing in the design, development and engineering of lighting products and associated systems.

The workshops, which are CPD accredited, will run again on May 17 – Birmingham, June 7 – Leeds, June 14 – London.

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