PTC Introduces Onshape-Arena Connection to Accelerate Product Development and Supply Chain Collaboration

  • New feature for Onshape and Arena connects cloud-native CAD, PDM and PLM
  • Instant sharing of product data between systems with one click
  • Engineering and supply chain teams can collaborate and iterate on product designs earlier in the design process

BOSTON, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CTP (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced the availability of Onshape-Arena Logina new feature that connects its native cloud In shape® product development and Arena® product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions. The Connection allows product data to be instantly shared between Onshape and Arena solutions with a single click, helping companies speed up the product development process and simplify collaboration with supply chain partners.

“The Onshape-Arena connection is the next step in PTC’s journey to make the product development process faster, simpler, and more agile for designers, engineers, and suppliers, and it’s only possible because of cloud-native architectures from Onshape and Arena,” said Jon Hirschick, Managing Director of Onshape at PTC. “This is single-vendor product development with CAD, PDM, and PLM workflows done entirely in the cloud.”

The Onshape-Arena connection supports continuous, cross-functional product development that can significantly reduce costs and plan impacts to the manufacturing process. With the connection, all stakeholders in the product development process – including design engineering, quality, procurement, and supply chain partners – are always working on the same version of a design. This makes it possible to revise the design at any time and improve the product before investing in costly manufacturing lines and tools.

“The Onshape-Arena connection can reduce the friction, high costs and coding that typically occur when trying to connect product data management and product lifecycle management systems,” said Felix Alvarez RiveraChief Product Officer of Wavemaker Labs, Inc. “This feature facilitates the transfer of product data from engineering to operations, including supply chain partners.”

Connecting requires no downloads, installations, or administration time, and incurs no additional cost for Onshape and Arena users.

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