Product Design & Ergonomics Intern


What are people often surprised to learn about your business?

As a B2B2C company, our direct customers are primarily mortgage lenders, but we only succeed if we build an amazing experience for our end consumers, who are everyday people looking to buy a home. Our private label product works seamlessly with our customers’ portfolio of digital offerings, so consumers see a single brand and financially sound experience when accessing FinLocker through one of our customers.

Do I need finance experience to work at FinLocker?

We don’t require any industry-specific experience, whether in financial services or home buying. While this can sometimes ease the learning curve, we also appreciate the outside perspective people from other industries can bring to our platform and product. Often we find that our technical team members become more interested in the financial elements of the platform as they build it, especially when they see how it positively affects the lives of customers, or even their own.

Tell us about what it’s like to work for FinLocker.

As a startup, things can feel fast and furious at times, but we aim to keep things low pressure by creating a healthy balance of momentum and flexibility. With Covid-19 still affecting our lives, we are ensuring our employees have the flexibility they need, whether that means working remotely, logging off at the end of the day so they can be fully present with their family or have what they need to work from home productively. We also close the office between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve so everyone can enjoy the break and be with family.

While our offices are in St. Louis and the Washington, DC area, we have team members scattered across the country and around the world. We are flexible on how we work, as long as the job is done!

We want our employees to do what they love, which is why we offer career growth in all directions – not just vertically, but also in different types of roles. Even within our small team, there are several who have explored and then moved on to roles in different departments, as part of a personal career path. As a young, flexible and modern company, there are opportunities to make an impact!


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