Product Design Contest: FRAMELESS DOOR REVOLUTION by Ermetika


Product Design Contest: FRAMELESS DOOR REVOLUTION by Ermetika

Want to revolutionize the world of frameless doors? Now you can!

Ermetika invites the world of designers and architects to participate in the new “Frameless Door Revolution” competition launched on the Desall platform. The objective is to innovate from an aesthetic, structural or functional point of view the classic concept of flush-to-the-wall doors through a minimalist and elegant proposal.

The new concept will have to maintain the absence of all non-essential elements of these door systems, assuming a new solution that is up to date with contemporary design trends.

Under the patronage of ADI Puglia and Basilicata, Ermetika asks you to reflect, redefine, redesign and revolutionize the “frame / door” system linked to the concept of interior doors. The Association for Industrial Design has always supported researchers and companies to encourage the development of products that change the world of Italian and European design, the same principles appreciated by Ermetika.

The competition is completely free and open to anyone who loves design. Multiple projects can be submitted, but only projects uploaded to Desall’s upload web page will be considered valid.

The proposal submission phase is between December 1, 2021 and March 1, 2022. All projects must be written in English and will be evaluated from March 1, 2022 according to the predefined criteria.

The winners will be rewarded for originality, feasibility and consistency with a compensation of € 3,000 for the first place winner!

Visit and enter the contest!

Download the information about this competition here.

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