Pro-Dex, Inc. discusses Q2 sales and new product development with The Stock Day podcast


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Phoenix, Ariz.–(Newsfile Corp. – February 24, 2022) – The Stock Day Podcast hosted Pro-Dex, Inc. (NASDAQ: PDEX) (“the Company”), a company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of multi-function, autoclavable, battery-operated and electric surgical screwdrivers and razors, used primarily in the orthopedic, thoracic and maxocranial facial markets. Joining Stock Day host Everett Jolly was company president and CEO Rick Van Kirk.

Jolly started the interview by asking about the company’s background and current projects. “We are a medical device manufacturer in Irvine, California,” Van Kirk said, adding that the company also has a second factory in Tustin, California. “We basically make power tools for the operating room; we have proprietary technology and we also do custom manufacturing,” he explained. “We’ve been around for about 40 years.”

Jolly then commented on the company’s recent announcement detailing its Q2 sales and inquired about its future outlook. “We had just over $10 million in revenue for the quarter,” Van Kirk said. “Over the past four quarters, we are at a rate of $40 million per year, which would be our highest level ever.”

The conversation then turned to the current COVID-19 challenges the company faces when operating out of California. “We haven’t had any type of resignation,” Van Kirk said. “We are trying to hire more people,” he added, noting that candidates are asking for higher salary requirements than ever before. “We have a very good team of people who have been very disciplined in adhering to our protocols, and we haven’t had a lot of missed work.”

“Could you give us an update on the development of your new product?” Joly asked. “We’ve landed new business with existing and new customers for new product development or new functionality on existing products,” Van Kirk said. “We continue to invest in R&D,” he explained. “There are a lot of great things happening in the group.”

“Do you have metrics to show what the growth rate is for new customers?” Joly asked. “A number of new projects are for existing clients,” Van Kirk said. “It’s not new customers per se, but new divisions, new groups and existing customers, because we’ve developed a track record and it’s paying off.”

Jolly then asked about the company’s progress with repair contracts. “He’s still strong and I expect him to stay that way,” Van Kirk said. “If anything, the needs or demands may even increase,” he said. “The more products we ship and ship around the world, the more they will eventually need to be refurbished or repaired.”

“Do you still have good prospects for the future of Pro-Dex, Inc.?” Joly asked. “Absolutely,” Van Kirk said. “We have made no secret that we have aggressive plans to expand,” he shared. “The absolute belief is that we’re going to get where we want to go, which is a big, technology-driven, respected, and profitable company.”

Closing the interview, Van Kirk thanked listeners and shareholders for their interest and support, and expressed his confidence in the company as it continues to grow.

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About Pro-Dex, Inc.:

Pro-Dex, Inc. specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of autoclavable, battery-powered, and electric multi-function surgical screwdrivers and razors used primarily in the orthopedic, thoracic, and maxocranial facial markets. We have patented adoptive torque limiting software and proprietary sealing solutions that appeal to our customers, primarily medical device distributors. Pro-Dex also sells compact air motors for a variety of industrial applications. Pro-Dex products are found in hospitals and medical engineering laboratories around the world. For more information, visit the Company’s website at

The following statements regarding the Company’s plans, growth and strategies may include “forward-looking statements” within the context of federal securities laws. Statements regarding future events, developments and future performance of the Company (including, but not limited to, estimated product launch dates and estimated future revenues), as well as expectations, beliefs, management’s plans, estimates or projections regarding the future, are forward-looking statements within the meaning of such laws. The Company’s actual results may differ materially from those suggested due to a variety of factors. Interested parties should refer to the risk factors and other information regarding the Company’s operational and business concerns set forth in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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