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The problem of negative technology has lacked a real solution until now.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Launched today, the Positive Product Design Guide offers designers and technology developers a new way to develop human potential technology. While technology has advanced our society in myriad ways, much of it was designed on an outdated theory of motivation and the impact on our well-being is now highly debatable.

Awarded by Fast Company as a 2021 World-Changing Idea, Positive Product Design helps technology creators design features that intrinsically motivate and better meet basic human needs.

The Guide includes the Human Potential Index, the most comprehensive measure of human potential. Tech companies can use this unique index to measure the impact of their products beyond user growth and engagement. For example, social platforms can measure and increase high-quality relationships, and workplace platforms can measure and increase psychological safety and purpose.

Used together, the Human Potential Method and Index help technology creators leverage the latest science of self-actualization to design products that measurably unlock human potential.

“Technology plays a zero-sum game,” says the creator of Positive Product Design, Courtney Bigony. “While profits may be increasing, user well-being is declining. To truly create positive technology, tech companies need a clear method for designing positive features and a way to measure how well they are doing. their products meet their mission statement.”

Now, tech companies can prioritize both profit and human potential.

Positive product design applies to several areas, including business software, education software, social platforms, and technologies developed to improve health and well-being. Using the Positive Product Design method, tech startup 15Five has successfully designed features that unlock psychological safety, increase intrinsic motivation, strengthen relationships, and help people foster a growth mindset, promote non-violent communication and countering prejudice. In November last year, they achieved 90% year-over-year (YoY) growth, proving that technology can be both good for people and good for business.

The Positive Product Design and Human Potential Index will enable Silicon Valley technology companies to co-create the modern human potential movement and measurably unlock human potential at scale.

The Human Potential Guide and Index are free and will remain so. Download the Positive Product Design Guide at http://www.positiveproductdesign.com.

About positive product design:

Positive product design is a method of creating technology that measurably unleashes human potential. Download the Positive Product Design Guide at http://www.positiveproductdesign.com.

About the Human Potential Index:

Co-created by Courtney BigonyMAPP, cognitive scientist Dr. Jeff Smithand the leading scientist of self-realization, Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, the Human Potential Index is the most comprehensive measure of human potential that technology creators can use to create positive technology by measuring how well their products meet their mission statement beyond growth and innovation. user engagement. Learn more about the Human Potential Index in the Positive Product Design Guide.

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