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New updates promote a sense of place and connect neighbors to neighborhoods that matter to them

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Nextdoor (NYSE: KIND) announced a new product strategy that creates an “active, value-added community” to guide platform development, along with features to help achieve the company’s goal of cultivating a greater world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.

The research identified that neighbors primarily turn to Nextdoor to connect with neighborhoods that matter to them so they can belong. Nextdoor’s product strategy addresses this need by enabling neighbors and organizations to create an “Active and Valued Community”: an engaged community of neighbors, businesses and utilities that you can trust and count to exchange valuable information, goods and services. The product strategy was guided by neighborhood insights and developed by Kiran Prasad, product manager at Nextdoor, who joined the company last year from LinkedIn.

“Nextdoor’s vision is to inspire active neighbors and organizations to continuously exchange value, utility and community for all,” said Kiran Prasad, Chief Product Officer, Nextdoor. “By focusing our product strategy on building an active and valued community, we can help create a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood, online and offline.”

To implement this strategy in the product, Nextdoor has begun testing and rolling out various features and updates that bring value and delight neighbors, including:

  • New welcome features for new neighbors: Existing neighbors will be notified when a new person has joined the Nextdoor neighborhood and can easily greet their arrival with celebratory reactions or virtual gifts, including cookies and flowers. Virtual gifts are a fun and interactive way to greet new neighbors.
  • Revamped Neighbor Profiles: New profile design and onboarding flow encourages you to introduce yourself with options to add a short biography, chosen pronouns, and upload a photo to put a face to your name. A complete profile lets you recognize people you’ve already contacted in your neighborhood, or people you haven’t met yet. Nextdoor ensures you’re connected to real people and requires neighbors to use their real names to foster a trusted environment to meet and learn about people nearby.
  • Connect to deepen real-world relationships: Connections is a new way to find and stay in touch with neighbors you know and care about. When you connect with another neighbor, you’ll both see each other’s posts, comments, and reactions highlighted in your feed, and you’ll have the option to @mention them in your posts and comments. There’s also a Neighbors You May Know feature that recommends people you might want to connect with based on proximity, connections in common, platform interactions, and your personal contacts. Because the experience is based on geographic location, Nextdoor offers a unique way to bring online connections to the real world.
  • Simplified layout and navigation: Nextdoor’s layout is being redesigned to focus on the features neighbors use most for an easier, faster way to get things done. Updates include the removal of duplicate and outdated links, improved search capabilities, and a single, larger post composer to use if you want to sell or give away an item, take a survey, share a video, or tag a location. . The new layout also makes it easier to access essential features like privacy settings by moving them to your profile.
  • A more relevant feed: Nextdoor adds to the Mainstream experience so you can join the conversation in more of the neighborhoods that matter to you and make sure you don’t miss content from your connections on Nextdoor. As the product evolves, the feed will reflect your daily life more and feel more relevant, active, and fresh.

The new layout and feed are currently being tested in select markets and will be fully implemented globally in the coming months. All Nextdoor neighbors can now explore their neighborhood by showing up with a revamped profile and sending connection requests. Early testing with post creators in select markets found that having a profile photo resulted in 180% more profile views and 46% more connection requests. Neighbors can help build an active and valued community by completing their profile and uploading a photo in the upper left corner of the Nextdoor app or at

About Nextdoor

Nextdoor (NYSE:KIND) is where you connect to the neighborhoods that matter to you so you can belong there. Kindness is at the heart of our purpose: to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can count on. Neighbors around the world turn to Nextdoor daily to receive trusted information, give and get help, get things done, and make real connections with people near them – neighbors, businesses, and utilities.

We believe that connecting with others is a universal human need. This truth, and the fact that neighborhoods are some of the most important communities in our lives, have been Nextdoor’s guiding principles from the start.

Today, neighbors trust Nextdoor in more than 285,000 neighborhoods around the world, including the United States (nearly 1 in 3 American households), the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Canada, with many more to come.

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