Napino Digital Solutions partners with Vergent Products for product development and local manufacturing in the United States


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LOVELAND, Colo., Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Napino Digital Solutions and Vergent Products are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership designed to provide customers with a broader service footprint in India and the United States. United . Both Napino and Vergent pride themselves on their state-of-the-art manufacturing and product design services for electronic products.

Vergent Products, founded in 1995, is a “right-sized partner” to help bring industrial, medical, aerospace and defense products to market. The company has invested heavily in process controls and an exceptional quality management system, enabling Vergent to deliver exceptional quality to its customers. With product design and manufacturing under one roof in the United States, Vergent is an end-to-end product realization company uniquely positioned to deliver electromechanical products to market. Their unique combination of discipline and speed is what customers value most when working with Vergent Products.

Napino Digital Solutions is a diversified company within the Napino Group in India that focuses on the design and development of IoT products and solutions. The Napino portfolio includes more than 25 IoT products in vehicle telematics, cameras, smart speakers, location and environmental trackers, wearable devices, modular IoT gateways, and access products for media and telecommunications. Napino works with several IoT product companies and Tier 1 automotive companies in India, USA and Europe.

“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Napino Digital Solutions,” said Jay Dokter, President and CEO of Vergent Products. “Both companies share a common vision of delivering exceptional quality to our customers. Napino’s manufacturing footprint in India and Vergent’s manufacturing footprint in the United States complement each other and allow us each to offer our customers the ability to manufacture products in either region with support,” Dokter said.

Jay Dokter President and CEO of Vergent Products

“Partnering with Vergent Products to deliver transformation for our customers will allow us to deliver the best business and design and build the next generation of digital electronic devices. Coupled with the exceptional delivery facility and manufacturing capability at United States of America, this partnership will allow us to have a much greater business impact for our customers,” said Naveen Kumar Singh, CEO of Napino Group.

Naveen Kumar Singh, Napino Group CEO, Vaibhav Raheja, Co-Managing Director, Napino Group

“The Napino-Vergent partnership is a powerful combination. Napino’s understanding of complex digital products, manufacturing expertise, and agile, collaborative approach unbeatably complement the way a Vergent team works. We believe this partnership will help generate cutting-edge technology products and platforms,” said Vaibhav Raheja, Co-General Manager, Napino Digital Solutions.

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Image 1: Vergent Napino Digital Solutions product

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Product Vergent Napino Digital Solutions

Product Vergent Napino Digital Solutions

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