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As technological advancements continue to facilitate greater industry innovation, an Irvine, Calif.-based product development and engineering company announces updated design and manufacturing solutions for start-ups and established businesses.

The latest launch from Esino USA Corporation offers customers a full range of prototyping, tooling, product assembly, project management and repair services. The company has already overseen the design and manufacture of hundreds of products, helping customers bring their budding ideas to market.

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The announcement details the company’s creative and technical expertise to carry out customer projects, encompassing all aspects of production, from concepts, patents and engineering to full-scale manufacturing with quality control. the quality.

According to Statista, the United States has a long history of innovation in intellectual property and industrial design. While China now leads in terms of patents filed each year, the United States still has the largest number of protected designs currently in force. While any business will founder without creativity at its core, partnering with the right team to develop these concepts into practical, precision-engineered products is equally essential for business success.

Esino USA Corporation has a strong team of engineers ready to help realize their customer’s vision. The dedicated group can advise on tweaks and additional features to improve the functionality of a client’s initial idea. The company brings consummate professionalism and expertise in electrical, structural and industrial engineering solutions as well as compliance monitoring at every stage of production.

Manufacturing takes place at the company’s factory in China. A strict quality control system adhering to ISO9001:2015 and 1S013485 protocols for medical systems ensures certified accuracy in production procedures. A partnership with a state-of-the-art factory in Guangdong allows rapid acquisition of high-quality components, ensuring cost-effectiveness and fast turnaround times to meet business deadlines.

Production takes place in an 82,100 square foot manufacturing facility in Dongguan, China. Esino’s knowledge of the supply network and the facility’s proximity to major supply hotspots ensure cost effectiveness and speed when sourcing components. Esino has over 200 employees on the assembly line and 75 employees in engineering, business and other roles worldwide. The production system is based on automation, high performance and strict requirements. Esino’s manufacturing assets include 6 automated assembly lines, 10 injection molding machines, 10 automated screw machines, 2 fully automatic heat shrink machines and numerous quality testing machines. Esino’s engineering team includes 10 structural engineers, 3 electronic engineers, 5 industrial engineers and 6 quality engineers.

About Esino USA Corporation

The company’s US base is located in the technology district of Irvine, California. Manufacturing is handled by the Chinese divisions of Esino Corporation in Guangdong and Shenzhen. The company has been providing technology and logistics expertise to the global market since 2002.

A spokesperson states, “Esino USA Corporation is dedicated to helping you make your product dreams a reality. Our account managers have direct contact with our overseas design team and our in-house technicians have years of experience assembling products and repairing damaged units.

With its latest service updates, Esino USA Corporation continues to set the bar for design-to-market manufacturing and production facilitation for customers around the world.

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