Initiated product design for development kits and engineering tools


19-10-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser provides a wealth of services and tools to help engineers and procurement professionals find the right products for their designs, including a resource site for development kits and a dedicated page for the latest engineering tools. The Development Kits resource site consists of numerous articles, videos, and how-to guides, connecting engineers directly to the products and know-how required to create new designs. The Engineering Tools page provides an up-to-date collection of new development kits, reference designs, and more, allowing engineers to find the latest products from major manufacturers.

Its development kit resource site provides a diverse collection of resources to inform the development of applications ranging from IoT devices to Bluetooth mesh networks to wearable medical devices. The robust site also incorporates articles on managing challenges and use cases for specific components, including AMD Xilinx Kria SoMs and Microchip Technology’s SAM E54 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit. The site also contains practical product information for several evaluation boards and development kits, making it easy for engineers to find components for their new designs.

The engineering tools page provides a constantly updated list of new tools for evaluating semiconductors and other electronic components. With tools for embedded processors, wireless RF, sensors, and more, the evolving catalog helps engineers find the latest solution to their complex design challenges.


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