IMTS 2022 Conference: Accelerating Product Development with Reverse Engineering


Five finalists have been named in the prestigious annual “Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids!” competition presented by National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Devices Innovation (NCC-PDI). Representing innovations in pediatric technologies aimed at addressing the unmet medical needs of children, these five finalists now have access to a pediatric accelerator program led by MedTech Innovator and will compete for a share of $150,000 in U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants at the final virtual pitch event in October 2022. The pediatric pitch event is one of 10e Annual pediatric device innovation symposium, co-located with the MedTech conference, powered by AdvaMed.

“Addressing the unmet needs of pediatric populations is critical to advancing child health and we are excited to work again with pioneering companies looking to close this gap in care,” says Kolaleh Eskandanian, Ph.D., MBA, PMP, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s National Hospital and NCC-PDI Principal Investigator. “As an FDA-funded consortium, NCC-PDI serves as an essential resource for device development, bringing together individuals and institutions that support viable pediatric innovations and create faster pathways to market. We congratulate this year’s finalists and look forward to seeing the progress made in the months to come as they navigate the acceleration program.

The five pediatric device innovations selected for the final competition are:

  • CorInnova – Houston, Texas – Minimally invasive biventricular heart assist device without blood contact to treat heart failure.
  • Innovation Lab – La Palma, Calif. – A mechanical elbow brace stabilizes tremor in pediatric ataxic cerebral palsy to improve performance in activities of daily living (ADL).
  • Prapela – Biddeford, Maine – Prapela’s Incubator Cushion is the first innovation to improve the treatment of apnea of ​​prematurity in over twenty years.
  • Tympanogen – Richmond, Va. – Perf-Fix replaces surgical eardrum repair with a non-surgical clinical procedure
  • xpan – Concord, Ontario, Canada – Xpan’s universal trocar provides the safest, most dynamic access and effortless size change in conventional/mini/robotic procedures.

In June 2022, the five finalists participate in a pediatric pathway of the MedTech Innovator Accelerator, the largest medical device accelerator in the world.

“We know very well that there is still a huge need for medical devices created specifically for children. MedTech Innovator is committed to improving the lives of patients by accelerating the growth of innovative healthcare solutions,” said Paul Grand, CEO of MedTech Innovator. “We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with this year’s cohort of emerging technologies and look forward to providing them with the one-on-one mentorship they need to help them take the next strategic steps towards bringing the product to market. “

NCC-PDI is one of five consortia in the FDA’s Pediatric Device Consortia Grant Program created to support the development and commercialization of medical devices for children, which lags far behind advances in medical devices for adults. CNC-PDI is led by the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at National Children’s Hospital and the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, with the support of partners MedTech Innovator, Biohealth innovation and design office Archimedic.

“We are thrilled to see these five finalists take the next steps in their device development and commercialization journeys,” said William E. Bentley, Ph.D., Robert E. Fischell Professor Emeritus and Director of the Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices at the University of Maryland. “For too long, children have been left behind in the innovation space with tools that do not properly respond to their dynamic growth and development. We applaud the efforts of these innovators and look forward to their latest pitches this fall.

To date, NCC-PDI has mentored over 160 medical device sponsors to help advance their pediatric innovations, with 12 devices having received either FDA market clearance or CE Mark. The Accelerator Program is the consortium’s latest addition to a network of resources and experts it provides to support pediatric innovators.

Eskandanian adds that supporting the progress of pediatric innovators is a key goal of the new National Campus for Children’s Research and Innovation, a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that drives discoveries that save and improve children’s lives. On a nearly 12-acre portion of the historic former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in northwest Washington, D.C., Children’s National has combined forces with those of public and private partners, including industry , universities, federal agencies, start-ups and academic medical centers. The campus offers a rich environment of public and private partners who, like the NCC-PDI network, will help strengthen pediatric innovation and commercialization.


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