– Master 2 in Product Design and Management

– Product convergence, human-centered design, innovation and entrepreneurship associated with a one-year project

– For early-career IT graduates, working professionals, startups, and industry/self-sponsored candidates to help them become better product designers and product managers

HYDERABAD, India, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IIIT Hyderabad has opened admissions at Monsoon for the second batch of its M.Tech program in Product Design and Management. The program aims to create technologists, product designers, product managers, and founders of startups who conceptualizedefine, design technological products and connect them to user needs and markets.

The program equips graduates with an understanding of the convergence of technology, human-centered design, markets, and product business. The program can create new products, launch startups, or prepare early-career IT professionals to become technology product managers for technology companies, particularly around information technology.

The M.Tech program includes courses in understanding technology products, technology convergence, human-centered design, markets and business, product design, development and management, and products derived from emerging technologies (research). In the second year, an extended curriculum project helps create ideas for translating products into high-tech products that connect to markets and provide an enjoyable user experience.

According to Prof. Raman SaxenaHuman Centered Design/HCI Faculty, PDM program, “Creating a successful product requires a good understanding of how the users (humans) use your products and not just how you think they use your product. A technology-centric or market/business-centric approach to product creation tends to miss the real problems and needs of real users leading to products that are not appreciated by their customers. Integrating technology and business approach with human-centered design for product development is the key to staying ahead of your competitors. The PDM program is designed to integrate and achieve a balance between technology, human-centered design and business with a particular focus on ICT products and services to begin with.”

There are several admission channels, based on initial screening and subsequent interviews:

  • IT Graduates / Early Career Working Professionals: with more than one year of IT experience (experience may be waived in some cases), through GATE or CEED exams.
  • Startups: Through an application reviewed by a committee of experts who will assess the idea, the viability of the technology and the market, as well as the background of the founder.
  • Industry/Self-Sponsored: Mid-level professionals with 5+ years of experience, either Development Managers, Architects, or Product Managers, sponsored by their employers.

Registration deadline May 8, 2022

More details at https://pdm.iiit.ac.in

About IIIT-Hyderabad

The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) is an autonomous research university founded in 1998 that focuses on key areas of information technology, such as computing, electronics, and communications, and their applications in other fields through to interdisciplinary research that has greater social impact. Some of his research areas include visual information technologies, human language technologies, data engineering, VLSI and embedded systems, computer architecture, wireless communications, algorithms and computer security. information, robotics, building science, earthquake engineering, computational natural sciences and bioinformatics, education technologies, power systems, informatics in agriculture and e-governance.

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