How to make a prototype? Guide by Flynn Product Design



Bristol, UK, 21 July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Entrepreneurs looking to develop new products to enter the market need specialized support.

Not only in the creation of product prototyping, but crucially in the formation of product DNA.

FLYNN are product designers with two decades of experience working with startups and established brands. FLYNN will help you answer the question of how to get your prototype made and cover part of the process involved.

STEPS to bring your successful product to market

  • Evaluate the problem with an expert. Often you have misunderstood the problem, which leaves opportunities on the table.
  • Work with product designers such as FLYNN to first check whatever solution you might have on the table and allow it to go through a robust shakedown. If it falls at the first hurdle, you’ve saved time and money.
  • Establish a working brief to solve the problem once identified.
  • FLYNN will create product development concepts for review.
  • FLYNN will develop CAD-based virtual prototypes to save time and your budget. This allows us to polish a prototype before getting into physical prototyping.
  • We will then offer you physical prototyping to bring your product idea to life. We offer a multitude of techniques ranging from CNC milling of plastics and metals, through 3D printing and RIM or VAC molding to create imitations of a final molding for example.

Prototyping explained

3D printing can include FDM printing like desktop printing, or more advanced techniques like Hewlett Packard’s Multi Jet Fusion.

CNC milling removes material from a solid block, working from the CAD model in a CAD-CAM process. This allows us to produce a high tolerance model of the item using end materials such as plastics or metals.

Casting techniques such as RIM and vacuum casting provide a high degree of visual fidelity with a final product. In many cases, we cast prototype VAC products to give our customers the opportunity to present the product to buyers before they have gone to full production tooling. In some cases, this gives the opportunity for short-term manufacturing, where the prototype IS the final product. Some well-known car brands made car grilles in this way in the first production batch.

FLYNN is unrivaled in quality and expertise in product development and prototyping. If you are looking to create a prototype as part of a product development project, we would like to know more.

Chris Flynn, Founder and Managing Director, Flynn Product Design:

“Over the past two decades, we have developed products that have now sold millions of units. This is largely due to our philosophy of designing products the right way”


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