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LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Infiniti Research, a well-known market intelligence company, announced the completion of its latest article on 3 Ways Market Research Can Help Build a Flawless Product Strategy. This article covers:

  • Why product strategies often fail

  • How market research can help build an effective product strategy

Most product failures and lack of customer adoption are due to inaccurate data and research on the product, market and target consumers. This translates into building a product that customers don’t need or don’t meet customer expectations, ”says a market research expert at Infiniti Research.

Market research supports the creation of a definitive product strategy, helping to exceed business goals. Request a free proposal to learn more about how our market research solutions can help your business.

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How market research can help build a product strategy

Understand consumer needs

An ideal product strategy should focus on the needs of customers in the target market. Market research plays a decisive role in identifying and analyzing these needs. This knowledge helps to understand the underlying preferences of customers and the impact of product strategy on the business. Products can then be customized to precisely meet customer needs.

Identify market entry opportunities

Market research in product strategy can be used to assess a company’s market entry prospects. Whether a company is interested in high growth rate markets or a mature market that needs innovation to revitalize growth, research will help determine which market is best suited. When entering a new market, it is essential to look beyond simple market analysis and determine what the target consumers really want. Market research is one of the best ways to solve this challenge while developing a product strategy.

Evaluate Competitors

Understanding the offerings of competitors is essential for businesses to differentiate their products from their competitors. The ability to grab the attention of customers as quickly as possible determines a company’s ability to compete in the marketplace. Additionally, effectively communicating how the company’s products are different for the better provides an additional competitive advantage. With the help of market research, brands can understand their main competitors in different product categories and also get complete information about market concentration.

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