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Zac Li, Honorary General Manager of the GCC
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Honor, the leading consumer technology brand, reiterated its commitment to becoming a global technology brand. To achieve this goal, the brand is pursuing a new product strategy, which relies on smartphones as its core business, while also focusing on the development of other connected products.

To learn more about the brand’s regional strategy and latest products, we meet Zac Li, General Manager of Honor at GCC. A senior executive with more than 12 years of experience in the telecommunications and software industry, Li has led the Honor team in GCC countries since 2015. Li plans to replicate this success in the broader GCC markets and shares brand strategy and product details. with us here.

What is your main strategy within the GCC?

As a consumer-centric company, we are committed to innovating and challenging industry benchmarks, solving user problems and bringing them best-in-class products. The Magic series is the perfect example of Honor’s technological idealism and can-do attitude.

In 2022, Honor will continue its all-scenario smart life strategy, focusing on integrating connectivity and computing capabilities. Honor will continue to promote interconnectivity between multiple devices, multiple systems and different applications, creating a smart world with seamless connections and services. Honor will continue to go above and beyond and explore the vast opportunities in the global market. We are committed to expanding internationally and empowering our local market teams to thrive in their diverse markets. We will focus on local and overseas markets and leverage our comprehensive understanding of global consumers to strengthen our core capabilities and have a future-ready mindset.

How would you describe Honor’s much-publicized “new journey” into the GCC smartphone market?

We listened to our users to develop better software features that can address different user behaviors and scenarios. Our product development cycle revolves around the consumer, and we invest in understanding trends and tracking consumer feedback.

Many of our fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Honor products. Their support and feedback motivates us to continue to provide exceptional products and services to enhance the consumer experience like never before. Our goal is to have the highest market share for smartphones with the Android operating system and reach the second rank for smartphone shipments.

We are able to cover end-to-end operations, which gives us a very solid starting point as a startup. From R&D, supply chain and manufacturing to sales, marketing, service and finance, our comprehensive setup helps us stay competitive.

What is Honor’s brand positioning and how does it apply to the global smartphone market?

Honor is committed to becoming a global iconic technology brand and enabling smart life across all scenarios and channels, for all people. With a strategic focus on innovation, quality and service, we are committed to developing future-oriented technology that empowers people around the world to go beyond. To achieve this, we are improving our product portfolio and operations to offer products specifically designed for high-end and general users. Our goal is to have a complete portfolio that meets different price ranges. Our premium Honor Magic Series is a testament to best-in-class innovative technology. Our premium class N-Series sets industry standards with its aesthetic design and superior user experience, while the X-Series represents the accessibility of our technology for everyone. A demonstration of our continued innovation is the launch of Honor Magic V, our first foldable flagship and latest Honor Magic4 series that beats multiple industry benchmarks, taking the Honor Magic Flagship to a whole new level.

What are the unique selling points of the Honor X series?

The Honor X8 has an advanced memory capacity and is equipped with Honor RAM Turbo (6GB + 2GB). This technology expands RAM storage by compressing background apps and allowing the Honor X8 to open more apps simultaneously without compromising efficiency.

The technology prevents background processes from being killed when users switch apps, ensuring users can take a call and write a message and apps will continue to run in the background.

How does Honor RAM Turbo help improve user experience?

With smartphones being used to game and watch videos with texting and calling, sometimes at the same time, switching between tasks can lead to “background process death”, leaving many users frustrated when their game ends automatically, or an app suddenly closes while shooting. a phonecall. This happens more often when the phone is low on RAM.

Honor-developed RAM Turbo technology expands RAM storage by compressing background apps and allowing the Honor X8 to open more apps simultaneously without compromising efficiency. Delivering a more seamless user experience and allowing users to continue with their tasks with low latency, the technology helps “hot start” more background processes and applications, ensuring users can take a call or type a message and the applications will continue to work. in the background and waiting for users to pick up exactly where they left off. During a warm boot, all the system has to do is bring your app activity to the fore and keep more apps to present in memory.

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Honor X8
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How is the design of the Honor X8 unique?

To accomplish this industry breakthrough, Honor has developed an innovative glue dispensing solution for the Honor X8, removing the gap on the middle frame bezel and filling the adhesive between the screen and the frame bezel. central.

The super narrow bezel also presents challenges when it comes to smartphone antenna design. To ensure signal transmission performance, an antenna traditionally requires at least 0.7mm of space and unlike conventional antenna designs, achieving the final super narrow bezel means there is a 30% reduction space for the antenna. Honor has some of the world’s leading systematic and accurate testing capability labs, including automatic software testing center, telecommunications test lab, reliability lab, camera lab, audio lab, and antenna. To ensure the brand meets carrier requirements and industry standards, Honor designed over 3,000 smartphone tests and over 800 tests for key device capabilities, including device performance. photo and battery, through multi-dimensional and multi-level testing to ensure superior quality of all. Honor products.

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Who is the Honor X8 for?

The Honor X8 is designed for those looking for a slim and stylish gadget that offers excellent performance, all at an affordable price. It meets the needs of those interested in music, movies and games. It’s also a great choice for entry-level professionals and students who see the smartphone as a necessity for keeping in touch with friends and family, and an essential tool for accessing entertainment at their fingertips.

What are your sales forecasts for the Honor X8?

Honor is focused on developing world-class products and experiences, as well as developing our own capabilities to better serve our global customers. We are confident in the Honor X8’s performance in global markets with its compelling features and competitive price.

What are the other Honor X series models and other products?

The Honor X8 is the newest member of Honor’s reliable Honor X series. Along with the X8, Honor will also launch the new X9 and X7, bringing the brand’s powerful technology to even more smartphone users around the world.

We are excited to bring more smartphones, computers and wearables to consumers and look forward to launching products in our portfolio in 2022 and beyond.


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