Guinness Receives World’s Most Prestigious Product Design Award, Red Dot


June 20: Today, GUINNESS received the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design for GUINNESS NITROSURGE and GUINNESS MICRODRAUGHT.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. In three disciplines, participants submit products, communication projects and brands as well as prototypes and concepts. The “Red Dot” distinction is an internationally recognized seal of design excellence.

A team of GUINNESS innovators, designers and taste experts developed the two patented dispensing innovations as part of a mission to bring the world famous stout to more places and spaces.

The first brand to win a Red Dot award for beer dispensing, GUINNESS has been recognized for two breakthrough innovations in beer dispensing: GUINNESS MICRODRAUGHT and GUINNESS NITROSURGE. GUINNESS NITROSURGE also won a special innovation award.

GUINNESS MICRODRAUGHT is a globally unique beer dispensing system that enables pubs, bars and other outlets around the world to serve beautiful, fresh draft Guinness, regardless of size or configuration. The patent-pending technology uses the coaxial double drilling of a unique, specially designed can, which is filled with the same Guinness that is casked at St James’s Gate and poured into pubs around the world. GUINNESS MICRODRAUGHT uses an air pump – as opposed to the gas bottle used in the traditional system – to push the liquid out of the can and through the standard Guinness Draft spout. The result is a beautiful two-part beer with the signature kick-and-stabilize taste and cold, smooth taste that make Guinness Draft a beer loved by consumers around the world.

GUINNESS NITROSURGE puts the iconic two-part pour into the hands of consumers, with a pocket-sized rechargeable device that uses ultrasonic technology to give drinkers a beautifully smooth two-part pour, bringing the magic of the Guinness experience into a pub, at home. Expertly crafted to create perfectly formed nitrogen bubbles, creating the rush and flavor of a beautiful, delicious Guinness with every pour. The ergonomics, strength and frequency of the pulsation and flow patterns are carefully tuned to work exclusively with GUINNESS NITROSURGE cans.

Recognition from the Red Dot Awards not only positions GUINNESS as a leader in design and innovation, but also demonstrates a commitment to an ongoing pipeline of innovations, exploring new and exciting ways to bring Guinness to more people, in more places.

Red Dot received approximately 20,000 submissions, and only products that won over the experts with their outstanding build quality won recognition. GUINNESS now joins the list of award-winning companies that have set new standards in the design industry with their entry. Following the motto “In pursuit of good design and innovation”, the 48 international members of the Red Dot Jury evaluated each product presented professionally, individually and comprehensively.

The “Red Dot” distinction is an internationally recognized seal of design excellence. Designers, design offices and manufacturers from around sixty countries presented products for the Red Dot Award: Product Design.

World-class product dispensing devices

Two years in development, the pioneering GUINNESS MICRODRAUGHT dispensing technology is the biggest technological leap for Guinness since the advent of the widget in 1988.
This innovation will further allow Guinness to be enjoyed at its best around the world, in new places and spaces, adding 12,000 additional outlets in 150 countries, so that millions more consumers around the world can enjoy a perfect Guinness.

GUINNESS NITROSURGE is a compact and inexpensive consumer device allowing the delivery of a perfect Guinness at home. The GUINNESS NITROSURGE can is 100% recyclable while the device can be refilled and reused, providing an environmentally sustainable solution.


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