Giulio Malagoli, director of business and product strategy for Ducati, has died


It is often said that life is fleeting and it is not about how many days or years you have in your life, but rather how much life you have in your days and years. In the wonderful world of motorcycles, bikes have always been extensions of the individuals behind them, be they owners, builders and manufacturers. When it comes to builders with soul and character, I’m sure many of you would agree that Ducati is one of the best.

Growing up, I was always drawn to Ducatis from the early 2000s (yes, I’m a lot younger than you might think). Machines like the Ducati Monster S4 and the Streetfighter 1098 were my dream bikes. It turns out that these bikes, along with the majority of Ducati’s road bike lineup, were all started by one man: Giulio Malagoli, then Ducati’s project manager. He had been with Ducati for over 20 years and was largely responsible for propelling the brand to global stardom, when it came to its street bikes. He had been a project engineer for the Ducati Monster since 2001, when naked bikes were starting to gain popularity.

Among his projects were the Ducati Streetfighter model range, as well as the radical and sometimes controversial Diavel. As much as Malagoli was a businessman and director at one of the most prestigious motorcycle companies in the world, he was even more passionate about motorcycles in general. Edoardo Licciardello of the Italian motorcycling publication Moto.IT describes Malagoli as a passionate man capable of brilliant humor. He’s seen every one of the bikes he rode as kids, especially the Monster S4, a bike that continues to be popular among modern classics and Ducatisti collectors.

Giulio Malagoli’s latest model was released in the form of the Ducati Monster 1200 in 2014. Following this, he rose through the ranks and became director of product marketing. A year ago, he took it a step further and became the director of business and product strategy. Malagoli has spent his entire working life at Ducati, entering the company fresh out of a mechanical engineering degree. On the night of April 3-4, 2022, he died from an undisclosed illness. He is survived by his wife Sandra, his children Alessandro and Carlotta and his brother Fabio.


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