Future careers 2021: Product strategy and its relevance beyond 2021


Would you have heard of an app developer or podcast host a few years ago? This is unlikely because not only were they not widespread, but they were also not formalized. With every change in technology comes new roles and jobs, making it difficult to plan for a future career. Help is at hand, however – education experts have identified career trends that will be even more relevant tomorrow.

Product strategy: orienting futures through product lifecycles

Even the smallest business has to plan every step and facet of their product: where will their product come from? Who is their customer and how will they benefit? How will they ensure quality manufacturing and distribution? How do they differentiate themselves from the competition?

Behind every successful product is a great product strategy. Centered on a company’s plans, decisions, and goals for its product as well as its vision for how to achieve them, product strategy can bring ideas to life and make them succeed.

What do Indra Nooyi (ex-CEO, PepsiCo), Susan Wojcicki (CEO, YouTube), Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) and Sundar Pichai (CEO, Google) have in common?

They were all product managers.


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Product managers, who are responsible for product strategy, are essential to business success today. Their clarity and contributions are essential in determining the following components:

  • Product design
  • Key features and functions
  • Quality
  • Target audience
  • Branding
  • Positioning

There have been many changes in recent years: increased digitization, the rise of big data and its subsequent knowledge-driven analysis, increasing attention to design, ever-increasing customer expectations and multinational presences. The product strategy ensures that a company can not only do business through these challenges, but also:

  • Improve customer enjoyment
  • Win new customers and retain existing customers
  • Increase customer value throughout the lifespan of customers and products
  • Sell ​​new services to existing customers
  • Enter new markets, fields or industries
  • Increase mobile adoption
  • Increase the number of product lines and offers

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Product management roles have grown astonishing 32% in just two years, from August 2017 to June 2019.

Is it easy to become a product manager?

You could be qualified in as little as five months. One of the best courses in Product Strategy is taught by one of India’s Institutes of Management (IIM), which has long been renowned for the quality of their education and the class of their graduates.

the Professional Certificate Program in Product Strategy is brought to you by IIM Kozhikode in partnership with Éruditus. Its goal is to help learners become competent product managers and leaders in developing business models with a customer-centric and value-driven product orientation, as well as the skills to effectively navigate every step of the way. product life cycle.

“In this era of technology-driven innovation, competitive leadership lies in the link between product innovation and evolving customer expectations. This program prepares professionals who deal with products / services or who work on the design of a product strategy to broaden their knowledge and develop their skills in product strategy formulation ”, says Professor Atanu Adhikari, Program Director of IIM Kozhikode.

IIM-K’s comprehensive program helps professionals at all stages of their careers develop product-centric thinking for business growth. Unrestricted by the pandemic, the IIM-K course offers live online instruction as well as full immersion in collaboration with Erudite Executive Education.

Making World Class Education Accessible: Scholar

Over the years, “open learning” has emerged globally, albeit with single-digit completion rates. For professionals focused on improving skills for career progression, programs with immersive learning experiences are ideal. Eruditus offers courses from world famous names such as MIT Sloan, Columbia, Berkeley, and Dartmouth, as well as highly regarded institutions such as IIT, IIM, and ISB at Home. These meticulously organized programs in a range of formats redefine the role and effectiveness of online education. In 2019 alone, the average completion rate for online courses for Skilled (the online division of Eruditus) was over 80%, with average weekly scores of 4.5 / 5.

Whether you are mid-career or just starting out, building a future-proof career is entirely within your reach. Take the leap online and embark on a whole new professional journey.

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