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When it comes to new herbicides, the product pipeline isn’t exactly full of new chemistries.

This trend toward fewer new crop protection chemistries has created opportunities for a company like ADAMA Canada, which focuses its research on innovating and reformulating existing products to improve their performance and make them better. In this interview, Canada Outdoor Farm ShowADAMA Zone Business Manager Drew Thompson explains how the company applies this strategy to product development.

As for insecticides, Thompson leans on the company’s Silencer insecticide. It includes the highly effective active lambda-cyhalothrin, but comes with a formulation change that makes the product more user-friendly.

Highly effective products using the active have been associated with strong odors during handling and application. Thompson notes that this smell is not related to the active ingredient, but rather to the petroleum distillate used in the formulation. ADAMA has reformulated the product, replacing the petroleum with vegetable oil, to solve the odor problem while providing the same effectiveness and control. (The story continues after the video.)

In the video, Thompson also explains how ADAMA used a similar approach to develop a new herbicide product called Safacyn, which is currently awaiting registration. It uses the active ingredient saflufenacil, used by many growers across Canada for burndowns, as a pre-harvest desiccant and in post-harvest operations. In this case, the ADAMA reformulation added more flexibility, allowing saflufenacil to be used with a wider range of surfactants, while providing the same level of control.

Safacyn is currently under review for registration under the Pest Control Products Act. It cannot be manufactured, imported, distributed or used in Canada at this time except for research purposes under the Pest Control Products Regulations.

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