FEELM Wins 4 Red Dot Awards for Product Design 2022 for Innovative Atomization Products


Shenzhen, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FEELM, the flagship atomization technology brand owned by SMOORE, today announced that it has received the 2022 Red Dot Awards for Product Design for 4 innovative atomization products, including the pod vape solution FEELM Air world’s thinnest ceramic coil coil, eco-friendly non-nicotine disposable e-cigarette and dust-proof hygienic e-cigarette. By virtue of creative product ideas and cutting-edge design, these award-winning atomizing products showcase FEELM’s cutting-edge product innovation capabilities.

Taking FEELM Air for example, it is well known as the world’s thinnest pod vape solution with a ceramic coil. As the latest pod vape solution from FEELM, the thickness of FEELM Air is reduced by 25% compared to the last generation, to only 7.8mm. It looks smarter and more sophisticated while maintaining the same e-liquid volume and battery capacity. In addition to the ultra-thin body, FEELM also developed a flat mouthpiece for this product to provide the most comfortable mouthfeel.

FEELM Air is made with an integrated cold forging technology, which is widely used in automotive engineering, to create a high-strength, high-precision seamless product shape. With an ultra-thin body and smooth curved surface, the ergonomic design makes it easy for vapers to grip the device.

In terms of user experience, the Breathing Light enables joyful human-device interaction. The light turns on and off as you fire. Meanwhile, the industry’s smallest linear motor offers unprecedented shockwave mode, bringing users delicate vibration and interactive vaping experience, so users can feel the resonance with every puff.

Launched at the FEELM New Technology Launch Event in London in January 2022, FEELM Air offers 7 major advancements in the vaping experience including damage reduction, flavor reproduction and leak-proof performance. “FEELM Air will soon be launched in overseas markets,” said Frank Han, President of FEELM and Vice President of SMOORE during the SMOORE 2021 financial results conference. Adopting a strategy of differentiation, FEELM has developed this vaping solution ultra-thin pod, to stand out from the crowd and appeal to consumers with a minimalist design.

In addition, FEELM also demonstrates its environmental awareness with the environmentally friendly nicotine-free disposable e-cigarette. Unlike traditional plastic disposable e-cigarettes, the product’s outer structure is made of recyclable and reusable paper and aluminum foil. It looks like an aluminum foil pouch and serves as a packaging bag itself, reducing the consumption of packaging materials. FEELM designers found this product design inspiration in the daily use foil pouch. Special packaging and compact size provide a soft and comfortable grip, and make it easy to peel and use. As a green vaping product, it is also nicotine-free and can keep your breath fresh.

The other award-winning FEELM atomizer product is the Hygienic Dustproof Mouthpiece E-Cigarette, which features a twist nozzle to prevent dust from falling onto the mouthpiece. Users can hide the mouthpiece in the device to avoid contact with something impure, as they are more concerned about personal hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic. The concept of the product originated from lipsticks, which makes it intuitive to use. As a pioneering disposable e-cigarette, this product laid the foundation for the future hygiene-focused FEELM product series.

“In the coming summer, FEELM will launch an innovative series of disposable e-cigarettes with hygienic dust-proof design to provide users with a healthier vaping experience,” said Totom Lu, Director of FEELM Design Team. . “In the near future, we also intend to introduce environmentally friendly disposable e-cigarettes made of green materials, to reduce the environmental impacts and carbon emissions of FEELM products.”

As an emerging vaping product category, disposable vape has been gaining popularity since 2020. As of March 2022, the global disposable vape market size reached US$2.287 billion.

In February 2020, the US FDA banned e-cigarettes containing flavors other than tobacco and menthol, in an effort to address the youth vaping epidemic. However, the flavor ban does not apply to disposable vapes. Such a loophole leads to the proliferation of disposable vapes in various sweet and fruity flavors.

The popularity of disposable vapes raises growing concerns not only about youth vaping, but also about the environmental impacts of used disposable vapes. Most disposable vapes, including Puff Bars, are made of plastic and contain lithium batteries, which are difficult to recycle.

Committed to designing sustainable products, the FEELM design team worked on replacing traditional plastic with biodegradable materials, such as paper and bagasse. It is also exploring the application of highly reusable materials, including aluminum, in electronic cigarettes. In addition, FEELM Design Team tries to make the batteries easy to disassemble, encouraging the recycling of disposable vapes.

“FEELM has been aware that currently most disposable vapes are very similar in design and appearance, and attract consumers with diverse flavors,” according to Totom Lu. of FEELM for disposable vapes. FEELM will design more eco-friendly and pioneering products, and has already developed a nicotine-free disposable vape to meet increasing risk reduction requirements.

As the product innovation engine of FEELM, the FEELM design team integrates design aesthetics with state-of-the-art electronic atomization technologies, to provide customers and consumers with a premium product experience. Founded in 2018, FEELM Design Team is made up of talented and experienced designers in designing products in various industries, such as digital arts, consumer electronics and smart home. With multicultural backgrounds and cross-industry experience, the FEELM design team is committed to exploring, identifying and proactively responding to consumer needs.

In the future, FEELM products will adopt more advanced algorithms to achieve intelligent heating and temperature control, to adapt to different e-liquids for better flavor reproduction and further improve reduction performance. damage.


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