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Pasqal, an international leader in neutral atom-based quantum computing, recently announced a multi-year research partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software to expand the field of quantum computational multiphysics simulation.

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Siemens is a world leader in the field of computer-aided engineering. Pasqal’s proprietary quantum techniques for solving challenging nonlinear differential equations are expected to improve the execution of Siemens software solutions that are used for computer-aided product design and testing in the electronics, automotive, and automotive industries. , aerospace, energy, etc.

The first stage of the partnership is marked for a period of 3.5 years and will involve scientists from both companies, as well as the University of Exeter – Pasqal’s academic partner. The project is fully sponsored by Siemens and includes a funded academic working in the research team of theoretical physics professor Oleksandr Kyriienko.

The project builds on Pasqal’s current body of research in the field, including his approaches to cracking nonlinear differential equations. For years, it was unclear whether quantum computers could outperform conventional computers in this area, but Pasqal’s latest advances in this area make these approaches favorable options for near-term quantum benefits.

Pasqal scientists have created a unique custom digital-to-analog implementation for its neutral-atom quantum processors that makes these runs 30 times more efficient than on superconducting quantum processors.

Our collaboration with Siemens will explore how quantum computing can benefit Siemens customers who are looking for more accurate “digital twin” prototyping, which can reduce the need for costly and time-consuming physical prototyping in industries such as automotive, electronics, energy and aerospace.

Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO and Founder, Pasqal

“We are proud to collaborate with Siemens, a technology giant and innovator, to apply and extend our quantum solutions to solve real-world problems with significant business impact,” Reymond added.

This partnership enables Siemens to get the most out of Pasqal’s quantum solutions and understand how to accelerate the advancement of enhanced quantum solutions for its customers.

For Pasqal, this partnership builds on the company’s momentum since its union with Qu&Co earlier this year, which has shaped a comprehensive, world-class quantum computing business with a strong focus on industrial uses and a list stellar network of industrial clients such as MBDA, Johnson & Johnson, Airbus, LG, BMW Group, Thales, EDF and Crédit Agricole CIB.

We look forward to seeing how quantum computing can bring significant near-term benefits to our customers. Pasqal’s algorithms for solving differential equations and its neutral atom quantum processors are ideally suited to solving the most relevant and challenging computational problems for our customers, and we look forward to working with Pasqal to advance this domain.

Jean Claude Ercolanelli, Senior Vice President, Simulation and Testing Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Pasqal’s quantum computing technology regulates neutral atoms (atoms with equal numbers of protons and electrons) with optical “tweezers”, using laser light to design full-stack processors with unparalleled connectivity, high scalability, and long coherence times.

Its software-independent quantum processing systems can operate at room temperature with less power, allowing the company to tackle complex challenges more efficiently than conventional computers.

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