Course for a career in product management


Product management is combined with brand and marketing management and a product manager helps create the right product for the growth and business continuity of the company. This involves the development of new products, services or any business technology for a better customer experience.

Product management deals with the various stages of product development and product lifecycle management (PLM). This business function involves different stages including defining the scope of the product, analyzing the design, developing, engineering and testing.


There are several specialist courses that can help them learn how to create product strategies and equip them with the ability to define the right metrics for brand or product success. Here’s a quick rundown of some of them:

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM): This three-year undergraduate program prepares students to acquire a range of necessary analytical skills and focuses on entrepreneurial, leadership and interpersonal skills.

Master of Applied Management (MAM): A two-year graduate program that enables students to solve business problems. He provides in-depth knowledge of business management including finance, operations, law and ethics, business technology, among others.

Master in International Business (MIB): A sought-after two-year postgraduate program, it focuses on preparing the student to develop the ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Master in Marketing Management (MMM): Another two-year postgraduate program, this equips students with a skill set in marketing and management fundamentals and includes planning, analyzing, implementing and evaluating information that help improve the product experience based on customer behavior.

Master in Management Studies: This combines theoretical knowledge of management and the application of skills acquired in a real environment. The combination of theory and practice makes this one of the best product management courses.


The role and responsibilities of the product manager may vary from company to company. Some of the positions include the associate or senior product manager. With industry experience, higher positions are also opening up. The positions are also financially rewarding.

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