COE Distributing refreshes OfficeSource brand with new look and focus on product development


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UNIONTOWN, Pennsylvania – OfficeSource, one of the largest office furniture brands in the United States, is proud to unveil a new logo reflecting the brand’s evolution towards design-driven product development and user experience. more organized shopping.

Retaining elements of the original logo, COE Distributing has updated its private label branding to reflect the current brand mindset, while symbolizing the new journey OfficeSource is embarking on. OfficeSource is debuting the new look this week at Independent Suppliers Group Industry Week 2022 in Las Vegas, and the COE’s 2023 catalog, released in January, will highlight the refreshed OfficeSource brand as well as workplace products in evolution.

“This refined look perfectly demonstrates OfficeSource’s longevity in the office furniture business, while reflecting our desire to adapt to changing markets and always exceed customer expectations,” said the Chief Marketing Officer of COE, Melanie Ewing. “Our new logo and design elements give our sales team something tangible to rally behind, while visually representing the exciting new phase we are entering. We have changed and we want our dealers to see it and know it.

Inspiration, education and celebration

Allowing the 2023 theme of inspiring, educating and celebrating the brand to permeate all aspects of the relaunch – from product development and sales to marketing, customer service and support – allows OfficeSource to fully embody the future path of the brand.

With refocused energy and inspiration for new design looks, OfficeSource will begin revamping existing collections with new color combinations, clean silhouettes and on-trend details. Simultaneously, the brand will start collaborating with leading designers to create new concepts with more efficient designs and modern aesthetics.

“We have sales-driven demands that will result in new designs, and we design organically,” said Doug Freeman, director of product development for COE Distributing. “We also innovate by renovating. We see concepts there and know we can improve on them.

Combining convenient, comfortable amenities with modern fabrics and sophisticated color palettes, OfficeSource will make quality construction and distinctive designs more accessible to a wider variety of businesses.

“Our new products will be complemented by educational support for our sales team and resellers to help them provide the best service to end users – from small and medium-sized businesses such as accounting, legal and healthcare firms to office developers. large spaces,” said WCC Vice President of Sales Scott Nichols.

With more product options to suit more sizes, shapes and office interior design criteria, the sales expertise and customer service that guide customers to the right choices becomes more important than ever. , according to Jennifer Jubin, vice president of customer experience for COE.

“With project-specific product recommendations, guidance to help customers get the most out of their budget, and dealer incentives to build excitement for OfficeSource’s new direction, our entire team is dedicated to our customer service model that sets us apart in the market,” said Jubin.

“The new direction of the brand is truly evident in the new offerings we are working on,” said Joe Mathieu, COE National Sales Manager. “We can’t wait to get out there and personally show off the new products.”

Improve work

Combining ergonomics, performance, durability and modern styling at attractive prices for mid-market resellers, OfficeSource will continuously roll out new designs as the brand embraces a unique era of workplace style, comfort and functionality.

“COVID has permanently changed workplace expectations, and offices built and designed over the past 20 years need to be updated now that more and more people have experimented with working from home,” according to JD Ewing, president and CEO of COE Distributing. “They want to bring some of that comfort back to the office with them.”

OfficeSource’s new product offerings in development will make it easy to modernize the typical office environment, creating looks that are comfortable, professional and contemporary.

“I’m thrilled that our new logo reflects who we are becoming for our dealers,” said WCC President and COO Mike Flaherty. “We knew it was time for a change, and we’re excited to share our new look and direction with the rest of the industry.”

For a reveal of the updated OfficeSource logo as well as more information on WCC’s commitment to new product development, visit

About OfficeSource
OfficeSource is a distinctive line of office furniture that offers the ideal balance of desirable design features, quality construction and fashionable functionality. We look for smart designs that combine style and performance to help customers create creative and productive workspaces. Our curated collections offer a wide selection of workstation, reception, collaboration and guest furniture to create welcoming atmospheres for corporate or home offices. Available exclusively from COE Distributing, OfficeSource offers enduring quality, modern styling, competitive pricing and exceptional service. Visit for more information.

About COE Distribution
COE Distributing is a national office furniture distributor passionate about creating inspiring work environments. A family business since 1947, COE sources high-quality office furniture worldwide with forward-thinking, well-planned design. Our developers work with renowned designers and skilled manufacturers to bring exclusive products to market through our private label, OfficeSource. Based in southwestern Pennsylvania with distribution centers in North Carolina and Texas, COE has an enthusiastic team dedicated to providing the right solutions for our customers. A distinctive product development process, go-to-market strategy, supply chain capabilities and exceptional service propel us into an unparalleled space in the market. Visit for more information.


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