Chainalysis Launches Enterprise Data Offering to Help Cryptocurrency Exchanges Optimize Product Strategy and Drive User Growth


NEW YORK, May 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Chainalysis, the blockchain analytics company, today announced the launch of Channel analysis Company data, a one-of-a-kind data offering to help cryptocurrency exchanges and other financial technology companies that offer cryptocurrency services better understand their users, tailor their product offerings, and identify new sources of income. Business data is powered by Chainalysis proprietary data, which cryptocurrency companies around the world are already using for compliance. Business Data is the first Chainalysis offering designed for marketing, finance and product development teams to help them drive user growth.

“The advantage of cryptocurrency is its inherent transparency, and with the right data, companies can gain valuable information to inform their growth strategies,” said Jonathan levin, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Chainalysis. “This level of data-driven business development is another benefit of blockchains that just isn’t possible in traditional finance.”

Chainalysis has been systematically building its dataset since 2014, linking blockchain activity to real-world entities. Chainalysis monitors over 100 digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the most popular ERC-20 tokens and stablecoins, representing over $ 200 billion transaction value per month. Financial crime and compliance professionals already rely on Chainalysis’ on-chain data to detect and investigate illicit transactions. Chainalysis Business Data leverages the same trusted dataset to help exchanges answer questions like:

  • Should we do a promotion on certain assets?
  • Are customers leaving and going to competitors?
  • Which new customers should we target?
  • What acquisition channels make my best customers?

“One of the many advantages of cryptocurrency is its transparency, which offers unique opportunities for business development,” said Phoivos Mytilinaios, Head of Business Intelligence and Data Engineering at Bitpanda, Europe leading digital asset platform. “By extending their data-driven offerings beyond compliance, Chainalysis will help inform our marketing and product development strategies to grow and retain our customer base.”

Chainalysis Business Data is delivered as a data feed that can be easily integrated into customer data warehouses. It can then enrich existing data sets to gain deeper insight into the behaviors of their users. Chainalysis also offers expert data scientist services to assist clients with integration and analysis. Business Data is now generally available as a subscription offer.

Chainalysis recently closed its Series D funding, raising $ 100 million with over $ 2 billion Evaluation. Chainalysis serves as a strategic partner to financial institutions, governments and cryptocurrency companies around the world, providing data, software and expertise on sophisticated cryptocurrency crime and money laundering tactics, techniques and procedures. money.

Chainalysis is the blockchain analytics company. We provide data, software, services and research to government agencies, stock exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity companies in more than 60 countries. Our data platform powers the investigative, compliance and risk management tools that have been used to solve some of the world’s most high-profile cybercrime cases and to expand consumer access to cryptocurrency by completely safe. Backed by Accel, Addition, Benchmark, Paradigm, Ribbit and other big names in venture capital, Chainalysis builds confidence in blockchains to promote more financial freedom with less risk. For more information visit

SOURCE Chainalysis, Inc.


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