Business Reporter: Making Hardware Product Development Agile


What’s beyond file-based work and serial processes?

LONDON, UK, June 8, 2022/ — In an article published on Business Reporter, Jon Hirschtick, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Onshape, discusses how hardware product development can take advantage of agile methodologies using design applications. Until now, it seemed that the inherent nature of hardware product development included non-agile functionality, resulting in an organizational culture that inhibited the industry from adopting the agile methodology. Today, advances in technology have removed most of these barriers. Previously, hardware development was locked into serial, file-based processes, where only one user could modify files at a time. This has prevented hardware development from both increasing productivity and shortening time to market.

However, hardware design applications such as CAD, PDM, as well as simulations have made advancements in their technology. These new cloud-native tools don’t use files, copies, or checkouts, allowing more users to make design changes in parallel while knowing they won’t overwrite the work of the user. each other and everyone will be working on the latest version. The platform allows for more innovation and experimentation and also allows for branching and merging. By adapting agile methodologies to hardware development, OEMs can also create short feedback loops and continuously improve designs rather than having to address design flaws at the end of the planning process. The iterative and collaborative workflows known from software development will become viable and bring better results and positively impact the bottom line.

To learn more about how Agile can revolutionize hardware development, read the article.

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