Blockchain product design startup Crevatal changes brands to promote blockchain adoption


Since its inception, Crevatal – a blockchain product design and development startup, has evolved and adapted to its current state, having modified its services to fit finely into the blockchain space, Crevatal tends to offer solutions to certain technology barriers by simplifying the design of blockchain product models, introducing and creatively shifting product designers from Web2 to Web3, and also addressing the usability issues faced by many end users of blockchain products.

Transforming product designers from web2 to web3

To satisfy the need for blockchain product designers, Crevatal is working on the introduction of Web2 product designers into the Web3 product design space. The company understands that Web3 is the future, and without the right involvement of UX designers in the space, Web3 products would continually have a problem with use and adoption. While solving this problem, Crevatal exposes Web2 designers to the huge and untapped Web3 opportunities of blockchain.

To achieve this, the blockchain-based startup provides Web2 product designers with the platform to start a career in Web3 product design by accepting, educating and leading those interested in Web3 design and providing them with support. offering opportunities to start in real time. Since blockchain is a nascent technological space, the Crevatal team took their work in the space a step further by using various platforms to educate and raise awareness about blockchain.

Review and partnership

Despite being a startup, Crevatal is not entirely new to the blockchain space. The company has worked hard to demonstrate its ability to execute and deliver with several blockchain and DAO companies that they have had the opportunity to work with and partner with.

Among these outstanding blockchain companies are PhoenixDAO, IndexCoop – A DAO created by Set Protocol and mainly known as the main DeFi asset management protocol, Challenge Impulse Index, Metaverse Index, DATA Index, Numio, and so on with multiple jobs that cover product design, launch videos and full animations with massive impressions and engagements, still and animated graphics designs to name a few. Some of these companies have raised more than $ 30 million in funding.

Crevatal has also invested and partnered with some strategic blockchain startups, including Lazerpay. Lazerpay is a crypto payment platform that manages and processes crypto investments, income, and assets for businesses and traders. For businesses looking to integrate into the decentralized financial ecosystem by incorporating and accepting crypto payments from customers, Lazerpay provides them with an easy gateway to do so. Crevatal believes that the unique solution provided by Lazerpay can also be integrated into the products they have and build. One of these products is Noshify, a crypto-enabled social food ordering platform that connects creators of homemade food with foodies.

The results of Crevatal’s activities have led and still lead to an increase in the number of designers of blockchain products in the web space3. It has also led to increased use and interaction with blockchain products, increased knowledge and earning power of product designers who have moved from web2 to web3, and customer and partner satisfaction. of Crevatal who have benefited enormously from the partnerships.

About Crevatal

Crevatal’s rebranding was driven by the need to redefine and refocus the core services delivered by the company and realign the company’s brand identity, website and online social activities to reflect this. that the company does. Founded by Clement Hugbo – a designer and developer of blockchain products, the company has grown since its inception, from an unmanned business to one with more than a dozen unique creatives, including the first female blockchain engineer. from Nigeria, Oluchi Enebeli who is also the Founder of Mesdames Web3, LadiesDoTech and Product Manager at Nestcoin, and Mary Mazi, Senior Software Engineer at Andela.

To learn more about Crevatal, visit the website, You can also connect with Crevatal on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you are a great product designer or visual designer and planning to upgrade to Web3 or blockchain, maybe just to see available jobs, visit for an opportunity to work with them!

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