Biggest Product Development Conference Ever in the Metaverse


RENO, Nev., December 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Almost 1,000 attendees attended Ioterras 1st Annual Product Development Conference (PDC) which was fully hosted in the Metaverse. Attendees included product developers, service providers, solution providers, investors, 20 renowned speakers and 35 exhibitors for 8 hours of events on November 16, 2021. When logging in, participants do not havet see the typical Zoom room that everyone has become acclimated to over the past 18 months. Instead, they found themselves being a character in a 4 acre event space located on top of a mountain. Visitors could move their figures around to explore the event space – visit trade show booths, engage digitally interactive artwork, and chat with other attendees. When a participantThe character approached a second character, their webcams both appearing on the screen for them to chat. A third character can come up and join the cat, then a fourth, and so on. It mimicked the experience of a real trade show environment.

The Ioterra PDC was hosted on Topia, which is a virtual gathering and event platform. The decision to use Topia for the inaugural Ioterra Membership Conference came about exploration and serendipity. Ioterra co-founder Daniel deLaveaga first experienced a Topia event at Virtual Burning Man 2021 and was impressed with the organic and entertaining nature of the event platform. We are always on the lookout for new technologies and ways to keep our community members at the forefront. Hosting a big conference in the Metaverse was a state-of-the-art fun way, ”said Daniel Price, CEO of Ioterra. And while there were certainly some growing pains as visitors got used to browsing the virtual platform, the overall response to the event was very positive. The conference overall was superb. The suppliers and speakers were fantastic, and the quality of the production of the event with the help of the Ioterra team was excellent! ”Commented a conference attendee from Balena, an IoT fleet management company.

Ioterra is a marketplace platform for offerings, services and resources for product development. The Ioterra platform has over 8,000 users, hundreds of vendors, and has supported the launch of millions of product units in the field. Visit to learn more about the platform or visit to learn more about the Virtual PDC conference as well as for information on PDC 2022, which will be a hybrid event simultaneously located in the metaverse as well as Reno/ Tahoe, Nevada.

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