Astera Labs Expands Hardware Development and Product Strategy with New Executive Appointments


SANTA CLARA, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Astera Laboratories, a pioneer of specially designed connectivity solutions for intelligent systems, today announced the promotion of Casey Morrison to Chief Product Officer and the appointment of Aleksandr Oysgelt to the position of Vice President of Hardware Engineering.

As Product Manager, Morrison will lead product strategy and strengthen the company’s customer engagement programs across all engineering teams with the overarching goal of delivering an exceptional product experience to its customers and partners. He is co-founder of Astera Labs and recipient of several industry awards for engineering and product development. During his tenure as Vice President of Products, Morrison has been responsible for several successful product launches, including the Leo Compute Express Link ™ (CXL ™) Memory Accelerator Platform, Taurus Ethernet Smart Cable Module™, and Aries CXL / PCI Express® Intelligent Resynchronization (PCIe®).

“A primary reason for Astera Labs’ success stems from our commitment to developing products that solve real-world connectivity issues and do so in a way that provides customers with actionable fleet diagnostics and ease of use features. ‘use to ensure a seamless integration into their system, “said Morrison.” I am proud of the work our team has done so far to become the industry’s premier cloud connectivity partner and I am ready to continue to resolve any issues. most pressing challenges of our customers with revolutionary new solutions.

As the newly appointed Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Oysgelt will lead Astera Labs’ hardware engineering operations to complement its industry-leading silicon development team for cloud connectivity solutions. Oysgelt brings over 20 years of engineering and technical management experience with a proven track record in driving innovation in hardware engineering in the cloud and data center markets. He has been involved as a technical advisor with Astera Labs since 2018 and has helped guide the company’s rapid expansion in board and system level products for data center applications.

“I first became involved with Astera Labs shortly after its founding and I am delighted that the company has successfully achieved its vision of being the industry leader in purpose-built cloud connectivity solutions in just three years.” , Oysgelt said. “I share Astera Labs’ fundamental commitment to innovate exponentially and look forward to continuing my journey with this team to create a world-class hardware engineering operation that unlocks the true potential of intelligent systems in the cloud. . ”

Oysgelt was an early employee of Arista Networks and Insieme Networks, where he led the development of hardware for data center switches. He has also held leadership roles in hardware development and emerging technology assessment at Cisco and Deutsche Bank Labs. Most recently, Oysgelt managed hardware development for autonomous vehicle systems at Zoox, an Amazon company.

“I am delighted that Aleksandr is expanding his role within Astera Labs to lead our hardware engineering team as we focus on delivering system and board level connectivity solutions for endpoint centric applications. data, ”said Jitendra Mohan, CEO of Astera Labs. “Casey’s rise to product manager and the appointment of Aleksandr as vice president of hardware engineering will strengthen the company’s ability to define, drive and deliver compelling solutions for data distribution.” in intelligent systems.

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