Anant National University Launches Product Design, Photography and Moving Image Labs


The National University of Anant inaugurated three new laboratories for product design, photography and moving images. The laboratories are equipped with equipment and tools that aim to provide students of the School of Design, AnantU, with the practical experience necessary for their majors and minors, inculcating the practice of innovation, creation and the research.

According to an official statement, the labs are equipped with 3D printing, CNC, resin prints, workstations for assembly and drawing offices with Wacoms. The lab has augmented and virtual reality capabilities with dual-screen PCs for an immersive multimedia experience, he added. “The ‘FutureShift’ lab will help students design and innovate the product experience for their learnings and their eventual application to real-world scenarios,” he added.

AnantU claims to offer a Bachelor of Design with seven specializations which include Product Design, Communication Design, Interaction Design, Space Design, Sustainable Fashion and Textile Design, Moving Image and Design transdisciplinary.

Additionally, the advanced photography studio is stocked with professional equipment and a range of cameras from Canon to help students get a feel for the real-world settings of a shooting environment. “The Moving Image Lab is equally impressive, with infrastructure rivaling that of their global counterparts. The lab has a preview room, set design lab, animation workspace, editing and sound design workspace,” the statement added.

“Experiential learning is a very important aspect of how our students learn at AnantU. These labs will enhance hands-on multidisciplinary learning opportunities for students at the university. We are continually improving the facilities and resources available to students of AnantU – infrastructure development,” said Anunaya Chaubey, Provost of Anant National University.

The statement further adds that AnantU houses a Makerspace workshop on its campus, created to provide students with a facility where ideas can be converted into actual products and artifacts. The collaborative workshop is open to students, faculty and staff, he added.

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