Afthonia Incubated Product Development Startup Blipstech India Acquired by Datafirst AI and Trinity Digital Solutions


Acquisition will help Blips further expand its global footprint with Datafirst AI LLC’s robust network and extend the Robosquad framework to various sectors and industries

Afthonia’s incubated startup Blipstech India Private ltd, an IT services company specializing in product development with AI and ML, today announced its acquisition by US-based Datafirst AI LLC in partnership with Trinity Digital Solutions LLC. The goal of the acquisition is to leverage the platform to extend current IT log offerings to other use cases across industries. The acquisition will also enable operations teams to minimize reliance on IT through dynamic machine learning experiments.

Additionally, with Datafirst AI LLC in partnership with Trinity Digital Solutions, Blipstech will diversify its proprietary Robosquad framework to other industries and sectors and enhance the current technology stack with the latest AI/ML trends. The acquisition of Blips will also allow the company to expand its global network and presence in all markets.

Established in 2019, Blips is a product development organization facilitating, improving and delivering measurable business value through the most efficient uses of technology and resources. Blips’ proprietary product, Robosquad, is an AI platform for analyzing and resolving live incidents from service management tools. The solution is able to predict, identify the root cause and resolve the incident through automation. The solution harnesses the power of AI/ML, orchestration and pipeline management tools, as well as automation and open source technologies.

Durga Prasad Sajja

On acquisition, Durga Prasad Sajja, CEO, Blipssaid: “We are thrilled and excited about this new phase of our journey. Since our inception in 2019, we have helped businesses improve their user experience and reduce potential outages while managing operations profitably. With this acquisition by Datafirst AI LLC, we aim to deliver our offerings globally and enhance our technology capabilities with cutting-edge technology. Datafirst’s resilient network will allow us to further strengthen our presence in global markets. The acquisition was possible thanks to Afthonia Lab’s partnership network. »

In partnership with Datafirst AI LLCCandace Shiver, President of Trinity Digital Solutions LLC, said, “We look forward to working with the team to make this partnership a success. Together, we have big ambitions. The partnership will accelerate our entry into the legal machine learning market, specializing in eDiscovery automation that leverages integrations into industry-standard applications. We will drive innovation and high return on investment solutions in our relationships with law firms. »

Commenting on the acquisition, Tanul Mishra, CEO, Afthonia Lab, said, “We are delighted with the acquisition of Blips and see this partnership helping both entities to a great extent. Trinity Digital Solutions and Blips beginning their new journey together will unlock the potential of the industry and also help chart future growth opportunities. Afthonia’s network has been one of the main reasons for the success of the partnership we see here today and we are happy to be part of it.

The Robosquad framework can integrate into IT services for both business applications or operations management to process, detect, predict, analyze, resolve and record data. This will help Datafirst AI LLC minimize the impact on business operations by 35%-40%, reduce IT experience by 25%, reduce root cause identification time by 60%, and reduce time to 75% resolution through automation.

Over the next few years, the product development company aims to build a robust offshore center for the development of all use cases to build onsite and offshore delivery models to increase revenue. In addition, after the acquisition by Datafirst AI LLC, Blips will focus more on developing the technology stack by reducing time to sell with limited technology staff and driving its technology improvement.

About blips

Established in 2019 by IT industry stalwarts with an average experience of over 18 years. Blips is a product development origin that focuses on the latest technology solutions in the areas of AI and ML. Our solutions address many areas such as Fintech and Insuretech. Blips offers solutions for AI-based products for predictive analytics and workflow automation, solution to automate STLC process and others.

At Blips, the focus is more on the latest automated solutions. The solutions are built in several domains and industries which help in reducing the maintenance cost of the solutions which saves a lot of manpower and hours. Solutions are customizable to each customer’s use cases. Blips is committed to delivering substantial business value with every product developed and every customer engagement. We achieve this through a combination of industry-specific expert business analysis, strong technical skills, sound project management methods and traditional values.


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