A conversation with Malte Scholz, CEO of Modular Product Management Platform: airfocus


airfocus is the creator of the world’s first flexible and modular product management platform. We support product strategy and management for companies like Shopify and Oriflame and hundreds of SMEs and businesses around the world. As many companies move towards product-driven growth models, product management tools, whether SaaS or physical products such as food, beverage, or clothing, become more important. .

“The product is taking on a much greater importance in business, and it’s clear that organizations are increasingly willing to invest in the right platform that allows them to truly deliver their product vision. There are more products than ever before, so quality is becoming more of a differentiator than ever. It requires a strategy and the connection of all the many points around a product. This is what we are helping them achieve.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I worked as a product manager for a software company with 200 employees in Hamburg. I arrived full of energy and theory, but quickly discovered that the company did not have the processes to make product decisions and create a truly exceptional product.

For any business that sells a product, product strategy and what the product is and should be at the center of everything it does. I first searched for existing solutions to fix the problem, but they were outdated and lacked the features I wanted. I decided to build something myself. I teamed up with Christian Hoffmeister, and we built the first version of airfocus as a side project for 18 months before we went into funding.

In all fairness, I started the business because I was in desperate need of a good product management tool in my first job, and it all started from there.

How has the business evolved during the pandemic?

Like many organizations, the pandemic has been a massive accelerator for the airfocus, especially in the way we have approached remote work. It’s something we’ve always done in the pockets of the company, but now almost everyone is doing it. We keep our office in Hamburg, but the reality is that most of the work is now done remotely.

For customers and prospects, the Covid-19 has changed the game. There was the initial panic we all had, but the product management tools were incredibly helpful. Much of the product planning took place on a whiteboard before Covid-19, but it’s virtually impossible now. Product quality, innovation and differentiation have increased more and more, but not less since the pandemic, and product users need remote tools to do their jobs.

What can we expect to see from airfocus in the future?

We just conducted research with product managers in the US and UK and found that adopting product-driven growth models was the top challenge for 40% of those surveyed. Other key challenges included understanding exactly what customers wanted in a product, while half of product managers believe the main problem with product management platforms is not being tailored to unique needs. of their team.

airfocus can help product managers with all of this, helping to manage the pressure resulting from adopting product-driven growth models and providing the functionality needed to effectively capture and manage customer feedback.

Additionally, with our modular approach that allows teams to build their own stack using only the features and functionality required for their specific needs, we can become a home for the product team, enabling them to make better decisions about products. products and ultimately deliver better products. Product management needs a specific tool, and it’s the next step in digital transformation.


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