5 books to improve in product design


The first thing that jumps out at you when buying a product is its design. Its functionality, design features and many uses are what you are looking for. Although there are expert voices on the same subject, there are plenty of books that help you design your product in the right way.

The design of everyday things

Author: Don Norman

The book is considered important because Don is known for championing user-centered designs. It delves into what constitutes good design and the author’s explanation is accompanied by examples of products he has used in real life. It also examines the thought process behind interacting with products.

The book explores the desirability of good design and explains how a product’s usability failure is often linked to its design. It talks about function and control, how to make things visible, and how to make good use of limitations.

Hooked: How to create products that are addictive

Author: Nir Eyal

What are people interested in certain products? In ‘Hooked…’, Nir explores the Hook Model, a four-step process that most successful companies use in their products. The book talks extensively about user engagement and how to create commercially successful products. It includes stories of habit-forming products like iPhone, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

Smart product design

Publisher: Sendpoints

The book elaborates on intelligent designs after the development of science and technology. He dives into the world of design by sharing insights from industry experts. The book offers an in-depth read on innovations in health, wellness, smart home, sports and fitness, and travel. Interviews and about 100 products with their details and concept sketches have been shared here. It tells the art of balancing aesthetics with utility.

Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Sensible Approach to Web Usability (Voices That Matter)

Author: Steve Krug

This one is a favorite among web designers and developers. Steve, with his witty, knowledgeable and practical contributions and illustrations, communicated informative designs. With up-to-date examples and contributions on mobile usability, the book is often used as a reference for many web design experts. It focuses on the web and
mobile applications (read digital interfaces) and emphasizes the importance and basics of usability testing.

The fundamentals of product design

Author: Richard Morris

Showcasing recent developments, such as crowdfunding, this new edition of the book focuses on lifestyle-oriented products with an intrinsic product-based approach. It examines the product design process, covering materials, manufacturing, idea generation, computer-aided design, engineering functions, product types, and market research.

With examples and case studies from well-known designers and studios around the world like Naoto Fukasawa, Matthew White and Thomas Heatherwick, the book brings together additional references and web sources. This helps young designers explore and understand the field. In addition to the images, the author uses an engaging tone in the book.

(These books are available on Amazon and Goodreads)


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