3D printing makes manufacturability the limiting factor in product design


When designing steel band springs, design engineers must consider many factors. These factors include not only the function of the part and the design of the mechanism, but also the choice of materials, the connection mounting methods of the parts and the dimensions in detail. It’s all about manufacturability.

Ming Tai has been very successful collaborating on steel spring design and development projects incorporating the use of 3D drawings and 3D printer. These steel springs are special purpose components inside the mechanism of customers’ new product.

The image shows the schematic diagram at the beginning of the project. As it is a slider, the constant force spring plays a cursor holding rule against the terminal. As an external force pushes on the slider, the spring presses against the slider to hold the position.

Ming Tai based on the main dimensions to be designed in detail, including the material selection of parts, connection methods of parts, and dimensions in detail. Additionally, they run a feasibility analysis to ensure the function to meet the customer’s needs.

From the initial design phase of the spring assembly to production and final assembly, customers collaborate with Ming Tai allowing them to enjoy many advantages.

  • 1. Save time for product development
  • 2. Discover the solution optimized beyond your expectations
  • 3. Without manufacturability limiting factor in product design.
  • 4. Best product quality
  • 5. Have the best support and service to meet customer needs.

Collaborating to design a component allows you to focus on brand new projects and accelerate the product development process to time to market!


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